People come to Chinese medicine for a variety of reasons: relief of physical symptoms, health maintenance, cosmetic concerns, letting go of emotional burdens, even spiritual growth. We listen carefully to our patients and collaborate with them to improve their health. In its purest form, this ancient healing modality is about helping people more clearly see their own goals, access their inner strength, and fulfill their highest potential.

Most people think of Chinese medicine as acupuncture alone, but it actually consists of a number of modalities including Acupuncture, Herbology, Dietary Therapy, Medical Massage, Qi Gong (an ancient Chinese meditative practice) and Tai Qi (a gentle martial art that’s good for your health). Our team of specialists works with patients to develop an individualized holistic plan that’s best for each situation. Chinese medicine is amazingly adaptable and can be easily and safely integrated with western or other complementary therapies.

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